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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2006-1187

Archival Policies and Collections Database for the Woods Hole Science Center's Marine Sediment Samples


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Table 1: Data available in the Sediment Archive database:

serial_no Five-digit field activity number assigned to the collection cruise by the WHSC's Data Librarian.
alt_cruise_id Any alternate identifier used to refer to the collection cruise on which the selected sample was taken.
platform Ship, or vessel (marine or terrestrial) upon which the sample was collected.
sample_id Sample identifier assigned in the field.
sample_type Type of sample collected.
device Collection device.
device_code Abbreviated code for the collection device.
top_section Top of sectioned interval, measured in centimeters from the top of the core sample.
bottom_section Bottom of sectioned interval, measured in centimeters from the top of the core sample.
pri_sed_tex Primary sediment texture according to the Folk classification scheme (1954, 1974).
sec_sed_tex Secondary sediment texture according to the Folk Classification scheme (1954, 1974).
latitude_dd Latitude in decimal degrees, for GIS display.
longitude_dd Longitude in decimal degrees, for GIS display.
year_taken Year of sample collection.
date Date of sample collection.
time_taken Time reading when sediment was collected.
core_l Core length, measured in centimeters.
core_d Core barrel diameter, measured in centimeters.
water_dm Water depth, measured in meters.
water_df Water depth, measured in feet.
area Location of sample collection.
notes Additional information pertaining to the sample.
fate Destination of sample after analyses have taken place.
pi_name Name of scientist in charge of sample collection.
pi_contact Email address to contact for sampling information.
cruise_url Field activity page on the Woods Hole server providing supplementary information on the collection cruise. Information given includes PI and personnel aboard the platform, purpose of field activity, area of operations, and links to materials in the Data Library also derived from this cruise.
description_available Yes or No, is there a page with a sample description available for the public?
desc_page Link to the description page, if available.
data_available Types of data collected from this sample.
published Yes or No, have data from this sample been published?
publication Citation and link to published materials.
in_collections Yes or No, do we have the sample available in our collections?
storage_facility Storage facility housing the sample.
storage_location Location of sample within the facility.
entry_date Date sample information was entered/ updated in the sediment archive database.
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