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Kentucky Water Science Center

Surface Water Quality-Assurance Plan, U.S. Geological Survey, Kentucky Water Science Center, Water Year 2006

U.S. Geological Survey, Open-File Report 2006-1273

By Michael S. Griffin


This report is available as a 50-page PDF for viewing and printing.


This Surface Water Quality-Assurance Plan documents the standards, policies, and procedures used by the Kentucky Water Science Center for activities related to the collection, processing, storage, analysis, and publication of surface-water data.




Kentucky Water Science Center Organization and Responsibilities



Collection of Stage and Streamflow Data

Gage Installation and Maintenance

Measurement of Stage

Gage Documents


Site Documentation

Station descriptions


Direct Measurements

Depth Criteria for Meter Selection

Number of Measurement Subsections

Other Direct Methods of Measuring Discharge

Computation of Mean Gage Height

Check Measurements

Corrections for Storage


Field Notes

Acceptable Equipment

Spin Tests

Alternative Equipment

Indirect Measurements

Peak Files

Crest-Stage Gages

Artificial Controls

Flood Conditions

Low-Flow Conditions

Cold-Weather Conditions

Processing and Analysis of Streamflow Data

Processing of Real-Time Streamflow Data

Webpage Presentation Format

Review of Real-Time Streamflow Data

Error Handling

Data-Qualification Statements

Measurements and Field Notes

Continuous Record

Records and Computation

Procedures for Working and Checking Records

Gage Height



Datum Corrections, Gage-Height Corrections, and Shifts


Station Analysis

Winter Records

Unit-Value and Daily-Value Estimates

Hydra and MISTE

Furnished Records

Daily-Values Table

Manuscript and Annual Water-Data Report

Kentucky Water Science Center Checklist

Review of Records

Crest-Stage Gages

Office Setting

Work Plan

File Folders for Surface-Water Stations

Field-Trip Folders


Station Descriptions

Discontinued Stations

Map Files


Communication of New Methods and Current Procedures

Collection of Sediment Data

Sampling Procedures

Field Notes


Sample Handling and Storage

High-Flow Conditions

Cold-Weather Conditions

Site Documentation

Processing and Analysis of Sediment Data

Sediment Laboratory

Sediment-Station Analysis

Sediment-Analysis Results

Sediment-Data Storage

Database Management

Publication of Surface-Water Data

Publication Policy

Types of Publications

Review Process




References Cited


1. U.S. Geological Survey Technical Memorandums Cited

2. Hydrologic Data Section Surface-Water Electronic Archiving Layout

3. Example of a Kentucky Water Science Center Station Description

4. Example of a Kentucky Water Science Center Station Analysis

5. Examples of Records Processing Forms:

5a. Level Summary Form

5b. Record Computation Tracking/Checker Form

5c. Annual Surface-Water Data Reviewer Form

5d. Discharge Measurement/Shift Corrections Form

5e. Datum/Level Corrections Form

5f. Slope-Station Computations Form

5g. Measurement Log Sheet Form

5h. Average Discharge Form

6. Hydroacoustic Instrumentation Standards, Policies, and Procedures


1. Organizational chart of the U.S. Geological Survey, Kentucky Water Science Center, 2006.

2. Map showing streamflow stations in Kentucky, fiscal year 2006.


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Suggested Citation:

Griffin, Michael S., 2006, Surface Water Quality-Assurance Plan, U.S. Geological Survey, Kentucky Water Science Center, Water Year 2006: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2006-1273, 50 p.

For more information about USGS activities in Kentucky, visit the USGS Kentucky Water Science Center home page.

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