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Open-File Report 2006-1281

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Water-Level Data for the Albuquerque Basin and Adjacent Areas, Central New Mexico, Period of Record Through 2004

Prepared in cooperation with the City of Albuquerque

By R.K. DeWees

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The Albuquerque Basin, located in central New Mexico, is about 100 miles long and 25 to 40 miles wide. The basin is defined as the extent of consolidated and unconsolidated deposits of Tertiary and Quaternary age that encompass the structural Rio Grande Rift within the basin. Drinking-water supplies throughout the Albuquerque Basin are obtained solely from ground-water resources. An increase of approximately 20 percent in the population from 1991 to present also resulted in an increased demand for water. From April 1982 through September 1983, a network of wells was established to monitor changes in ground-water levels throughout the Albuquerque Basin. This network consisted of 6 wells with analog-to-digital recorders and 27 wells where water levels were measured monthly. Currently (2004), the network consists of 234 wells and piezometers. This report presents water-level data collected by U.S. Geological Survey personnel at 155 sites through 2004. Water-level and other data for 71 sites are collected by other agencies. Water-level data for 8 sites of the 155 sites measured by the U.S. Geological Survey were not available for this report.




Well-Numbering System


Well and Piezometer Construction Data and Hydrographs

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