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Open-File Report 2007-1176

EAARL Topography - Assateague Island National Seashore

John C. Brock1, C. Wayne Wright2, Matt Patterson3, Amar Nayegandhi4, and Laurinda J. Travers5


1 USGS, FISC St. Petersburg, FL, 2 NASA,Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, VA, 3 NPS, South Florida/Caribbean Network Inventory and Monitoring Program, Miami, FL, 4 ETI Professionals, USGS, St. Petersburg, FL 5Eckerd College, USGS, St. Petersburg, FL

This website contains 58 lidar-derived bare earth topography maps and GIS files for the Assateague Island National Seashore.

Click on a tile number (1-58) in the map below to view the corresponding map tile as a PDF file.

To expedite download times and to prevent any possible errors, right click on the desired PDF map tile and save the file to disk. If you require all of the map tiles or would like a copy of the Open-File Report in DVD format, please contact: Emily Klipp in the USGS, FISC St. Petersburg office:

Assateague Island National Seashore Tile Map

Tile 19 Tile 10 Tile 28 Tile 33 Tile 46 Tile 41 Tile 43 Tile 38 Tile 42 Tile 56 Tile 58 Tile 53 Tile 57 Tile 54 Tile 55 Tile 52 Tile 51 Tile 49 Tile 50 Tile 48 Tile 47 Tile 44 Tile 45 Tile 40 Tile 39 Tile 36 Tile 37 Tile 35 Tile 34 Tile 31 Tile 32 Tile 30 Tile 29 Tile 26 Tile 27 Tile 25 Tile 24 Tile 22 Tile 23 Tile 21 Tile 20 Tile 17 Tile 18 Tile 16 Tile 15 Tile 13 Tile 14 Tile 12 Tile 11 Tile 8 Tile 9 Tile 2 Tile 1 Tile 4 Tile 3 Tile 5 Tile 7 Tile 6

To view a tile as a PDF file, download a free copy of Adobe Reader:    Get Adobe Reader Link

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