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Prepared in collaboration with Russian Academy of Sciences, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Korean Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources, Geological Survey of Japan/AIST, and Jilin University

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Open-File Report 2007-1183 Appendix C

Appendix C - Summary of Major Metallogenic Belts for Northeast Asia (Russian Far East, Yakutia, Eastern Siberia, Transbaikalia, Northern China, Mongolia, South Korea, and Japan)

By Sergey M. Rodionov, Alexander A. Obolenskiy, Elimir G. Distanov, Gombosuren Badarch, Gunchin Dejidmaa, Duk Hwan Hwang, Alexander I. Khanchuk, Masatsugu Ogasawara, Warren J. Nokleberg, Leonid M. Parfenov, Andrei V. Prokopiev, Zhan V. Seminskiy, Alexander P. Smelov, Hongquan Yan, Yuriy V.V. Davydov, Valeriy Yu. Fridovskiy, Gennandiy N. Gamyanin, Ochir Gerel, Alexei V. Kostin, Sergey A. Letunov, Xujun Li, Valeriy M. Nikitin, Vladimir V. Ratkin, Vladimir I. Shpikerman, Sadahisa Sudo, Vitaly I. Sotnikov, Alexander V. Spiridonov, Vitaly A. Stepanov, Fengyue Sun, Jiapeng Sun, Weizhi Sun, Valeriy M. Supletsov, Vladimir F. Timofeev, Oleg A. Tyan, Valeriy G. Vetluzhskikh, Koji Wakita, Yakov V. Yakovlev, and Lydia M. Zorina


map of northeast Asia showing seven elements;  Sea or ocean, active continental margin ard, active subduction zone, craton, north Asian craton margin, cratonal terrane or superterrane, and tectonic collage
Major tectonic elements of northeast Asia


The important features of the major metallogenic belts for Northeast Asia are summarized in table 1. For each time span, metallogenic belts are listed from west to east, progressing from north to south. The major features of the metallogenic belts are adapted from detailed descriptions of metallogenic belts in Rodionov and others (2004), Nokleberg and others (2004), and Naumova and others (2006). The major features of contained deposits in each belt are adapted from Ariunbileg and others (2003).

The metallogenic belts for Northeast Asia are synthesized, compiled, described, and interpreted with the use of modern concepts of plate tectonics, analysis of terranes and overlap assemblages, and synthesis of mineral deposit models. The data supporting the compilation are: (1) comprehensive descriptions of mineral deposits; (2) compilation and synthesis of a regional geodynamics map the region at 5 million scale with detailed explanations and cited references; and (3) compilation and synthesis of metallogenic belt maps at 15 million scale with detailed explanations and cited references.

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