Open-File Report 2007–1255

Open-File Report 2007–1255

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Table 2. Personnel and funding for the Multi-Hazards Demonstration Project (MHDP) in southern California—FY 2007.

[Acronyms: CAWSC, California Water Science Center; CMG, Coastal and Marine Geology Program; EHP, Earthquake Hazards Program, EHT, Earthquake Hazards Team; EGSC, Eastern Geographic Science Center; EROS, Earth Resources Observation System Science Center; GAM, Geographic Analysis and Mapping, GHT, Geologic Hazards Team, GIO, Geospatial Information Office; LHP, Landslide Hazards Program, LRS, Land Remote Sensing; MCGSC, Mid-Continent Geographic Science Center; NGP, National Geospatial Program; NRP, National Research Program (Water); NSIP, National Streamflow Information Program; NWIS, National Water Information System; OWRG, Office of Western Region Geology; OSW, Office of Surface Water; RMGSC, Rocky Mountain Geographic Science Center; SCEC, Southern California Earthquake Center; TFME, Terrestrial, Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems Program; WCMGT, Western Coastal and Marine Geology Team; WERC, Western Ecological Research Center; WGIO, Western Geospatial Information Office; WGSC, Western Geographic Science Center. (Every program will put 20 percent of new funds into a fund for shared activities described in Appendix A: Required Skills/Staffing)]

Working groups
Participants and cost centers (Task leader in bold) Funding FY 2007 program source
Oversight and Management OWRG: Lucy Jones $140k MHDP
Integration and Implementation Interface   EHP: $387k; GAM: $833k; NGP: $500k; LHP: $40k; CMG: $40k; TFME: $60k; NSIP: $40K
Scenario development: CAWSC: Lucy Jones, new hire $150k EHP, $100k NGP; $70k MHDP
EHP: external contract
Community interface CAWSC: Dale Cox, new hire $140k NGP; $100k MHDP
Information management EHT: Dan Ponti, John Tinsley $167k EHP
EGSC: Paul Hearn $75k GAM
RMGSC: Sue Goplen $20k GAM
WGIO: Robert Lugo, Carol Ostegern, Kevin Wood $260k NGP
Risk modeling WGSC: Rich Bernknopf, Anne Wein, Bill Labiosa, new hire $425k GAM
EROS: Terry Sohl
RMGSC: David Hester $50k GAM
$203k GAM
Earthquakes and Tsunamis   EHP: $541k; CMG: $180k
Southern San Andreas Fault EHT: Ken Hudnut, Tom Fumal, Katherine Kendrick, Gary Fuis $201k EHP
External grant: SCEC
$240k EHP
Tsunami sources WCMGT: Homa Lee, Eric Geist $180k CMG
Microzonation EHT: Dan Ponti, John Tinsley, Sue Hough $100k EHP
Fire and Debris Flows   TFME: $340k; GAM: $65k; LHP: $700k; NSIP: $180k; LRS: $50k
Fuel treatments on stability WERC: Jon Keeley $200k TFME
Vegetation type conversions WERC: Jon Keeley, Robert Fisher $140k TFME
WGSC: Cindy Wallace $20k GAM
Post-fire debris flow susceptibility GHT: Sue Cannon, Joe Gartner, Dave Lidke, John Michael $200k LHP
EROS: Susan Greenlee, Jeff Eidenshink
MCGSC: Jeff Spooner $45k GAM, $50k LRS
Post-fire erosion models GHT: Kevin Schmidt, external contract $200k LHP
Debris flow warning system GHT: Jon Stock, new hire $300k LHP
Debris flow inundation CAWSC: Chuck Parrett Gerald Bawden $180K NSIP
Winter Storm Events   CMG: $180k; NSIP: $390k; GAM $82k
Gaging (streams, rain) CAWSC: Jim Bowers $230k NSIP
Flood frequency analysis CAWSC: Chuck Parrett, NWIS,NRP Donna Knifong $160k NSIP,
EROS: Jim Verdin $82k GAM
Coastal erosion WCMGT: Patrick Barnard $180k CMG

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