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Raw Data

Located on the second DVD is a folder named Lidar. Each subfolder within the Lidar folder contains an edited Lidar DEM GeoTIFF, hillshade grid, contour shapefile, and tile extent shapefile for a specific map tile. The sub-folders are named according to the UTM coordinates of their upper-left corner (in thousands). Each GIS layer has an accompanying XML file that holds the metadata.

There is also a folder named Shapefiles which contains the vector data that was used while creating the PDF maps. These layers include the coastline of Texas, the boundary of Padre Island, the boundary of Padre Island National Seashore, and the Lidar tile centroids.

All files are consistent with the UTM Zone 14 N Coordinate System, NAD83 Datum, and GRS80 Spheroid.

Please insert the second DVD, before selecting from the list below, to view a directory of associated GIS layers for that tile region. (Be sure to re-insert the first DVD to return to the other web pages.)

Bare Earth Topography

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