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Chemical Analyses of Pre-Holocene Rocks from Medicine Lake Volcano and Vicinity, Northern California

By Julie M. Donnelly-Nolan


map showing that the study area is in northernmost California halfway between the Pacific Ocean and the Nevada boarder just south of Oregon
Map showing area in which samples reported in Table 1 were collected. Red outline indicates area of geologic mapping of Medicine Lake Volcano (Donnelly-Nolan, in press). Dashed black line is rim of Medicine Lake caldera. Inset map shows major Cascade volcanoes; Medicine Lake Volcano is indicated with black text.

Chemical analyses are presented in an accompanying table (Table 1) for more than 600 pre-Holocene rocks collected at and near Medicine Lake Volcano, northern California. The data include major-element X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyses for all of the rocks plus XRF trace element data for most samples, and instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) trace element data for many samples. In addition, a limited number of analyses of Na2O and K2O by flame photometry (FP) are included as well assome wet chemical analyses of FeO, H2O+/-, and CO2. Latitude and longitude location information is provided for all samples. This data set is intended to accompany the geologic map of Medicine Lake Volcano (Donnelly-Nolan, in press); map unit designations are given for each sample collected from the map area.


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