Executive Summary:
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Streamflow Data Compilation and Interpretation Programs:
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Appendix 1. Get National Water Information System Streamflow (Q) files GNWISQ (Version 1.0)—A program for downloading streamflow-gaging-station information and daily mean streamflow files from the U.S. Geological Survey National Water Information System Web Site

Appendix 2. Make Plotting Position (MkPP Version 1.0)—A program for generating plotting positions, percentiles, and frequency factors from daily mean streamflow data

Appendix 3. Streamflow Record Extension Facilitator (SREF Version 1.0)—A program for extending and augmenting available streamflow data using long-term streamflow records from hydrologically similar sites

Appendix 4. Streamflow (Q) Statistics (QSTATS—Version 1.0)—A program for calculating population statistics for daily mean streamflow data retrieved from the U.S. Geological Survey National Water Information System Web Site

Appendix 5. Make U.S. Environmental Protection Agency DFLOW3 batch-input files MkDF (Version 1.0)—A program for creating batch-input files for DFLOW3

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