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Open-File Report 2009-1167

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge Workbook Summary

By Jessica M. Montag and Holly M. Stinchfield


The Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Maine is currently developing a comprehensive conservation plan (CCP) that will guide Refuge management over the next 15 years. Workbooks were provided to local residents as part of the scoping process in order to get feedback on current and future management issues from the public. The workbooks asked questions regarding residents’ use of the Refuge, conservation problems and issues in the region, the acceptability of Refuge management actions, and the importance of, satisfaction with, and acceptability of various activities allowed on the Refuge. The focus of this report is to present the results of the completed workbooks. Because of the small number of returned workbooks, it is not possible to generalize these findings to the broader public, nor is it possible to determine if respondents represent the average user. However, the results do provide an idea of possible conflicts and important issues that the Refuge may have to address in the future. The permitted uses of the Refuge are one possible conflict area. Many respondents were supportive of consumptive recreation (hunting, fishing, and trapping), but a few were adamantly opposed to these sorts of activities on the Refuge. Another issue that received several comments was motorized recreation. While some people felt strongly that ATVs and snowmobiles should be allowed, others felt just as strongly that motorized recreation of any type should not be allowed in the Refuge. Many in the sample were also very concerned about Refuge development and its effects on the human and natural environments. Issues mentioned include the loss of access to private land for consumptive recreation, concern about fish and wildlife habitat degradation, and water quality.

First posted August 19, 2009

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Suggested citation:

Montag, J.M., and Stinchfield, H.M., 2009, Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge workbook summary: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2009–1167, 28 p.



Summary of Workbook Results

Question 1. Approximately how many days do you visit the Refuge each year?

Question 2a. What activities have you participated in while visiting the Refuge over the past year?

Question 2b. Which activity is the most important reason for your visit to Moosehorn Refuge?

Question 2c. What areas of the Refuge do you usually visit?

Question 3. Have you participated in any Refuge-sponsored events or activities?

Question 4. What do you value most about your visits to Moosehorn Refuge?

Question 5. What do you consider to be the most important conservation problem facing Downeast Maine?

Question 6. Do you feel Moosehorn Refuge has a role to play in resolving this problem?

Question 7. Which wildlife species or habitats should be a management priority for Moosehorn Refuge?

Question 8. Should the Service pursue the following activities in Downeast Maine?

Question 9. How do you feel about the Service acquiring land in fee from willing sellers at fair market value in the Downeast Maine area?

Question 10. Are any of the following natural issues a concern to you in Downeast Maine?

Question 11. If possible, please provide additional details on why you selected the issues in Question #10

Question 12. Please include here any additional thoughts you have on conserving fish and wildlife habitats in Downeast Maine that may not be captured in our questions

Question 13. For each activity listed in the middle column, please tell us how important that activity is to you when visiting Moosehorn Refuge. Then tell us how satisfied you are with the way the Refuge is managing each activity

Question 14. We are interested in the ways community residents engage in local or regional natural resource or environmental issues. Please indicate which of the activities you have participated in within the last 5 years

Question 15. Are there activities or services that you think should be allowed at Moosehorn Refuge that currently are not allowed? If yes, please list these activities

Question 16. Are there activities or services that you think should not be allowed at Moosehorn Refuge that currently are allowed? If yes, please list these activities

Question 17. Please include here any additional comments on recreation, education, and public access

Question 18. Where did you obtain this workbook?


Appendix. Responses to Open-Ended Questions in Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge Workbooks

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