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U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1386-B

Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World -- Antarctica

By Charles Swithinbank

Edited by Richard S. Williams, Jr., and Jane G. Ferrigno

With sections on

The ‘Dry Valleys’ of Victoria Land

By Trevor J. Chinn

Landsat Images of Antarctica

By Richard S. Williams, Jr., and Jane G. Ferrigno

Version 1.0

Landsat images of Antarctica, from the coast to 81° south latitude, provide new glaciological information about the inland ice sheet, ice shelves, outlet glaciers, ice streams, and "blue ice" areas of our planet's largest present-day concentration of glacier ice.

Landsat 1 MSS image of the Sentinel Range, Ellsworth Mountains,a dn Rutford Ice Stream,

Cover: Landsat 1 MSS digitally enhanced false-color composite image
of the Sentinel Range, Ellsworth Mountains,and Rutford Ice Stream. See page B122.

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