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Satellite image atlas of glaciers of the world.

(U.S. Geological Survey professional paper; 1386)
Two fold. col. maps in pocket in v. B.
Includes bibliographical references.
Supt. of Docs. no.: I 19.16:1386-H
Contents: -ch. B. Antarctica / by Charles Swithinbank ; with sections on The "dry valleys" of Victoria Land, by Trevor J.H.
Chinn, [and] Landsat images of Antarctica, by Richard S. Williams, Jr., and Jane G. Ferrigno- ch. H, 1. Glaciers of Irian
Jaya, Indonesia / by Ian Allison and James A. Peterson -ch. H, 2. Glaciers of New Zealand / by Trevor J.H. Chinn
GB2401.72.R42S28    1988    551.3'12    87-600497    ISBN 0-607-71457-3

For sale by the Books and Open-File Reports Section, U.S. Geological Survey,

Federal Center, Box 25425, Denver, CO 80225


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