Trimetrogon aerial photograph, Glaciar Occidental and Glaciar Greve

Figure 47.--Trimetrogon (oblique) aerial photograph 556-L-105 taken on 23 January 1945 showing three bands of tephra on Glaciar Occidental and, flowing to the right, Glaciar Greve. In the right background is Cerro (Volcán) Lautaro, which obscures the white cone of Cerro Pirámide (just to the left) and the foot of Cerro Gorra Blanca. In the center background is Glaciar O'Higgins and Cerro O'Higgins on its left. The black peak in the left background is Cerro Steffen (3,056 m), mistaken by de Agostini as Cerro Mellizos.

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U.S. Geological Survey, U.S.Department of the Interior
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