U.S. Geological Survey

Geochemistry and Stratigraphic Relations of Middle Proterozoic Rocks of the New Jersey Highlands

By Richard A. Volkert and Avery Ala Drake, Jr.

U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1565-C

version 1.0

The New Jersey Highlands are underlain principally by Middle Proterozoic orthogneiss, paragneiss, and marble that were metamorphosed to upper amphibolite to hornblende-granulite facies and were intruded by granitoid rocks. The oldest rocks are dacitic, tonalitic, and trondhjemitic gneiss and granite of calc-alkaline affinity and metabasalt of the Losee Metamorphic Suite. They are associated spatially with quartz-rich and quartz-poor charnockitic rocks. Field relationships and geochemical data support a cogenetic interpretation for the dacitic, tonalitic, and trondhjemitic rocks and the charnockitic rocks. They are herein all included in the Losee Metamorphic Suite.

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