Lake Pontchartrain Basin:  Bottom Sediments and Related Environmental Resources

Basics of the Basin - 1992 Table of Contents

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Recreational Impact of Fecal Loading on Lake Pontchartrain Basin Streams
Anderson, A.C.

Habitat Degradation of the LaBranche Wetlands and an Approach to its Restoration
Binet, G., and A.B. Ensminger

The Lake Borgne and Lake Pontchartrain Commercial Seafood Production from 1970 to 1989, Volumes and Variations
Boebel, R.W., and Frank C. Crawford

A Public Domain Software Program for Charting Environmental Attributes in Lake Pontchartrain Basin
Brown, Murray L.

The Occurrence of Potamogeton Perfoliatus L. (clasping pondweed), a Rare Submerged Aquatic Vascular Plant in Lake Pontchartrain
Burns, J.W., M.A. Poirrier, and K. Preston

Shoreline Changes of Lake Pontchartrain 1955-1990.
Calix, A.G.; E. Seeger, L. Velado, J. Rucker, and L.R. Handley

Comparison of Single-Well and Two-Well Tracer Tests for Acquiring Velocity and Effective Porosity Estimates in the Pine Island Aquifer, New Orleans, LA
Caraher, M.F., W.M. Dahl, and D.H. Easley

Petroleum Industry Activity in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin
Conatser, W.E.

Historical Ecology of Lake Pontchartrain-Borgne Basin: 1699-1950
Condrey, Richard

New Orleans--North America's Premier Below Sea Level City
Davis, D.W.

Distribution of Heavy Metals in Bayou Trepagnier Bottom Sediment
DeLaune, R.D and J.H. Pardue

Stable Nitrogen Isotopes Studies Fingerprint Surface Water Inorganic Nitrogen Sources Entering the Pontchartrain Basin
Delaune, R.D. and C.W. Lindau

Water Quality Monitoring Activities of the U.S. Geological Survey in the Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas Basins
Demans, Charles R., and Charles R. Garrison

Assessing the Effectiveness of Several Protective Measures Againse Herbivory of Cypress Taxodium Distichum Seedlings
Devall, Margaret S., and Bernard R. Parresol

Man in the Basin: Habitation and Forest Exploitation in the Pontchartrain Basin
Dranguet, C. A., and Roman J. Heleniak

The Influence of the Introduced Eurasian Milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) and Native Aquatic Vegetation on Fish Nursery Habitat in Lake Pontchartrain
Duffy, K. C., and D.M. Baltz

Jefferson and Orleans Parishes, Louisiana, Urban Flood Control and Water Quality Management Study
Earl, C., B. Hicks, and F. Hull

Determination of Fecal and Total Coliform Levels in Lake Pontchartrain by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Ellis, L. E.; J.C. Francis, and D.K. Tracy

Shrinkage of the Pontchartrain Basin, The Need for a Cooperative Regional Approach
Emmer, R. E.

Distribution of Fishes and Community Stability in Bayou Lacombe
Farabee, M.V., and R.C. Cashner

Historic Changes in Secchi Disk Transparency in Lake Pontchartrain
Francis, J.C., V. Wijesundera, D.E. Barbe, M.M. Mulino, and M.A. Poirrier

Herbivory in Baldcypress: A Threat to the Pontchartrain Basin
Goyer, R.A., G.J. Lenhard, J.L. Chambers, and V.R. Van Sickle

Fresh Water Input into Lake Pontchartrain
Hardy, J.W.

Surface Drift Movement of Larval Marine Fishes and Other Organisms through Passes of the Upper Lake Pontchartrain Estuary
Hastings, Robert W.

Storm Frequencies and Storm Runoff into Lake Pontchartrain
Keim, B.D.

Baseline Pollutant Data on Water Column, Sediment, and Bivalve Tissue Samples from the Inner Harbor Navigational Canal, Chef Menteur Pass, and the Rigolets
Lawler, G.C., and L. Hartzog

Potential Significance of Active Faults in Lake Pontchartrain
Lopez, John A.

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Evolution; Late Pleistocene-Holocene Geological History
Otvos, E.G.

The Fisheries of the Pontchartrain Basin
Perret, William S., L. Brandt Savoie, John F. Burdon, and Karl A. Mapes

The Effects of New Orleans Urban Runoff on the Benthic Community of Southern Lake Pontchartrain
Powers, S.P., M.A. Poirrier, and P.O. Yund

Community Structure and Distribution of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Lake Pontchartrain, LA
Preston, K.P., M.A. Poirrier, and J.W. Burns

Lake Pontchartrain Basin: Urban Nonpoint Source Pollution Problems and Solutions
Rheams, Anne B.

Deviations Between Modeled and Measured Runoff in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin
Rohli, R.V.

Algal Bioluminescence in Toxicity Testing
Sabaté, R.W., E.L. Dewailly, and A.V. Stiffey

North-Shore Sources of Suspended Sediment in the Surface Runoff to Lake Pontchartrain
Smith, Sue K.

Histopathological Assessment of Two Species of Fish from the Bayou Trepagnier
Thiyagarajah, A., and M.J. Ledet

A Review of Fish Studies on Lake Pontchartrain
Thompson, Bruce A.

Geological History of Lake Pontchartrain
Thomson, A., and R.J. LeBlanc, Sr.

The Geology and Geohydrology of an Area Representative of Near Surface Aquifer Systems on the Mississippi River Flood Plain in South Louisiana
Turbeville, J.H. Jr.

Long-term Climatic Variability of Modeled and Measured Runoff within the Lake Pontchartrain Basin
Vega, A.J.

Synurophycean Algae from the Lake Pontchartrain region: A Preliminary Survey from the Southern Atlantic Coastal Plain of North America
Wee, James L., Dennis J. Booth, and Michael A. Bossier