Lake Pontchartrain Basin:  Bottom Sediments and Related Environmental Resources

Appendix C
Consolidated Data Table

This table consists of more frequently used station data and inorganic, organic, and texture data extracted from the full database and presented in one table. (The full database is available in appendix D). Tables like this lend themselves to plotting and analysis. Many descriptive fields are omitted, but the quality control fields containing warning flags are retained. "W" refers to a warning that the data in question show unresolved anomalies in quality-screening tests. They should be rechecked before they are used for regional environmental categorization or toxicity evaluation. Please note that a "0" in a concentration field means that the constituent was below detection limit for the method utilized.

The data tables contain information from many sources and alternative methodologies that are not always directly comparable. Also, unresolvable problems or uncertainties were found within some data sets. Results of quality screening are abbreviated in the "Q" fields (qualifier fields) next to each concentration field, and important notes about methods and sample types are given in other fields. However, users are responsible for selection of data for their specific purposes. Definitions of screening codes and additional data quality notes are provided in appendix B.

A small sample of the consolidated table can be viewed in Table 1
The consolidated table is available here in three formats:

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