Lake Pontchartrain Basin:  Bottom Sediments and Related Environmental Resources


Special acknowledgment is given here to S.J. Williams (Chief Scientist of the USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program, Reston, VA) who provided the initial opportunity for this database development and supplied extensive documents that permitted initiation of data entry. J.L. Kindinger (USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program, St. Petersburg, FL) provided cooperation throughout the work. A.G. McIntire (now U.S. Bureau of Census, Geography - TIGER Mapping Branch, Upper Marlboro, MD) entered many of the early data sets, converted the database to an initial Microsoft® Access format, and created many of the illustrations in the preliminary publication (Manheim, Hayes, and McIntire, 1998). G.C. Flowers (Tulane University Department of Geology, New Orleans, LA) provided an important unpublished electronic data set. We are grateful for the cooperation of J. Macauley and L. Harwell (US EPA, EMAP Program, Gulf Breeze, FL) for providing unpublished data and clarifying many details about the EMAP data for southern Louisiana estuaries. Finally, we are indebted to the many organizations and participants listed in Participants and Cooperators for the data and cooperation.


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