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Climate-Vegetation Atlas of North America

Tables of Histogram Data

These spreadsheet files contain the data used to create the histograms that depict the number of occurrences of each taxon in relation to a given range of each of the climatic and bioclimatic variables. Entries in each table represent the climatic or bioclimatic variables that correspond with chosen cumulative percentages of the total number of grid points for each taxon (see the discussion in the introduction for more information). Data for the following climatic variables are represented in the tables:

  • Mean January temperature (°C)
  • Mean July temperature (°C)
  • Mean annual temperature (°C)
  • Mean temperature of coldest month (°C)
  • Growing degree days (on a 5°C base x 1,000)
  • Mean January precipitation (mm)
  • Mean July precipitation (mm)
  • Mean annual precipitation (mm)
  • Moisture index

Each file is in the Microsoft® Excel™ "workbook" format (.XLS files), in which multiple spreadsheets are contained within the file. To move between spreadsheets within each workbook, click on the tabs near the bottom of the Excel window. You need Microsoft® Excel™ version 5.0 or higher, or a program capable of reading Excel workbook version 5.0 or newer files, to view these data (use of trade names does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. government or the U.S. Geological Survey).




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