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Chronostratigraphic column for the Colville basin, northern AlaskaFigure 3. Chronostratigraphic column for the Colville basin, northern Alaska, showing revised stratigraphic nomenclature and ages of units discussed in this paper (in color); laterally correlative and overlying and underlying units not discussed in this paper are uncolored in diagram. Abbreviations or symbols are as follows: <?>, uncertain relationship; cs*, cobblestone sandstone of Fortress Mountain Formation (informal unit of Mull and others, 2003); ms**, manganiferous shale unit (informal term); Kemik***, Kemik Sandstone (formation) as revised by Molenaar and others (1987); Fm., Formation; Mtn., Mountain; LCU, Lower Cretaceous unconformity. Geologic time scale from Gradstein and Ogg (1996).

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