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Many USGS reports on water resources are now being served online. Most publications located at this site and other USGS sites can be located by subject, author, date, USGS series or publication series number by using the reports and thematic maps electronic Publications Warehouse. The Publications Warehouse will eventually be taking the place of this page.



SIM2007-2982: Hydrogeology and Potentiometric Surface of the Dublin and Midville Aquifer Systems in Richmond County, Georgia, January 2007, by Lester J. Williams

SIM2007-2972: Alluvial Bars of the Obed Wild and Scenic River, Tennessee, by W.J. Wolfe, K.C. Fitch, and D.E. Ladd


SIM2006-2949: Bathymetric Contour Maps of Lakes Surveyed in Iowa in 2004, by S. Mike Linhart and Kris D. Lund —ONLINE ONLY

SIM2006-2912: Water-Surface Elevations and Boundaries of the 100-Year and 500-Year Floods and Floodway for the Jocko River, Western Montana, by Katherine J. Chase and Charles Parrett


SIM2005-2910: Potentiometric Surface of the Alluvial Aquifer and Hydrologic Conditions at the Río Nigua de Salinas Alluvial Fan, Salinas, Puerto Rico, July 9-11, 2002, by José M. Rodríguez—ONLINE ONLY

SIM2005-2908: Fishes of Buffalo National River, by J.C. Petersen

SIM2005-2905: Ground-water levels in the Spokane Valley - Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer, Spokane County, Washington, and Bonner and Kootenai Counties, Idaho, September 2004, by A.M. Campbell—ONLINE ONLY

SIM2005-2894: Bathymetric Map of the South Part of Great Salt Lake, Utah, 2005, by R.L. Baskin and D.V. Allen

SIM2005-2882: Potentiometric surface of the Manchester Aquifer, Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee, 2002, by J.A. Robinson, G.E. Hileman, and C.J. Haugh

SIM2005-2881: Nitrate in ground water: Using a model to simulate the probability of nitrate contamination of shallow ground water in the conterminous United States, by K.J. Hitt and B.T. Nolan

SIM2005-2874: Principal faults in the Houston, Texas, Metropolitan Area, by S.D. Shah and Jennifer Lanning-Rush

SIM2005-2864: Geophysical logging and packer testing to determine depth of trichloroethene (TCE) contamination in the vicinity of Oak Grove Village Well 1 (OGV-1), Missouri, 2003-2004, by J.G. Schumacher

SIM2005-2831: Geologic framework and hydrogeologic characteristics of the Glen Rose Limestone, Camp Stanley Storage Activity, Bexar County, Texas, by A.K. Clark

SIM2005-2818: Map Showing Susceptibility to Rainfall-Triggered Landslides in the Municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico, by Matthew C. Larsen, Marilyn Santiago, Randall Jibson, and Eduardo Questell

SIM2005-2814: Geologic and Geophysical Maps of the Las Vegas 30' X 60' Quadrangle, Clark and Nye Counties, Nevada, and Inyo County, California, by William R. Page, Scott C. Lundstrom, Anita G. Harris, Victoria E. Langenheim, Jeremiah B. Workman, Shannon A. Mahan, James B. Paces, Gary L. Dixon, Peter D. Rowley, B.C. Burchfiel, John W. Bell, and Eugene I. Smith


SIM2004-2868: Water-surface elevation data and flood and floodway boundaries for the upper Yellowstone River, Montana, by Charles Parrett, S.R. Holnbeck, and K.J. Chase--ONLINE ONLY

SIM2004-2857: Ground-water recharge areas and traveltimes to pumped wells, ponds, streams, and coastal water bodies, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by D.A. Walter, J.P. Masterson, and K.M. Hess

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