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Scientific Investigations Map 2824

Maps of Hawaiian Islands Exclusive Economic Zone Interpreted from GLORIA Sidescan-Sonar Imagery

By Robin T. Holcomb and Joel E. Robinson

Digital Data for Maps of Hawaiian Islands Exclusive Economic Zone Interpreted from GLORIA Sidedscan-Sonar Imagery

By Joel E. Robinson, Michael R. Hamer, Andrew J. Stevenson, Harry Lucky, Carolyn H. Degnan, Florence L. Wong, and Robin T. Holcomb


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The map is geology around the Hawaiian Islands derived from GLORIA data collected in 1986-1989 from the southeastern Hawaiian Ridge EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone), which covers more than 1,000,000 km2 of sea floor. The seafloor is characterized by a variety of volcanic and sedimentary processes. Cretaceous age seafloor underlies both subaerial and subaqueous erupted lava forming the Hawaiian Ridge and various Cretaceous seamounts. Subaerial lava quenches and brecciates as it enters the ocean forming smooth slopes. The mobile flanks of the islands have given way into slumps and debris avalanches.

File Name
File Type and Description
File Size
PDF file of the 9-page descriptive geologic pamphlet that accompanies the map
976 KB
PDF file of 50" x 36" map sheet that can be used for viewing map in a browser, as well as for plotting (geologic map, description of map units, bathymetry, and GLORIA images)
7 MB
Text-only readme file that explains the contents of the data file
8 KB
Metadata for geologic terrain polygons
24 KB
Metadata for geologic contacts and line features
16 KB
Zipped file that contains database for maps in ArcInfo-coverage format
4.3-MB file that opens into a 12.3-MB folder

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