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Scientific Investigations Map 2848

Earthquakes and Faults in the San Francisco Bay Area (1970-2003)

By Benjamin M. Sleeter, James P. Calzia, Stephen R. Walter, Florence L. Wong, and George J. Saucedo


thumbnail sketch of the map

The map depicts both active and inactive faults and earthquakes magnitude 1.5 to 7.0 in the greater San Francisco Bay area. Twenty-two earthquakes magnitude 5.0 and greater are indicated on the map and listed chronologically in an accompanying table. The data are compiled from records from 1970-2003. The bathymetry was generated from a digital version of NOAA maps and hydrogeographic data for San Francisco Bay. Elevation data are from the USGS National Elevation Database. Landsat satellite image is from seven Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus scenes. Fault data are reproduced with permission from the California Geological Survey. The earthquake data are from the Northern California Earthquake Catalog.

Download the Earthquakes and Faults map as a PDF file (33 x 46 inches; 26.8 MB)

Download just the table for the map as a PDF file (448 KB). You can open this in one window for reference while you pan and zoom around on the map in another window.

View the Earthquakes and Faults map as a JPG file. This file is only 72 dpi which is screen resolution but not good enough to print. It has been compressed in file-size which reduced its quality but it works without Acrobat if you need that. It is too large to fit on the screen but you can pan down and across to see it all. (33 x 46 inches; 1.6 MB)

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