The Watchman
12. Aerial view toward southwest of The Watchman (left) and Hillman Peak (right) from near Devils Backbone (Panorama B). Light-colored exposure at bottom right is pyroclastic-flow deposit (unit dsbp) correlated with dacite of Steel Bay (unit dsb; 1165 ka). Thick package of many lava flows is andesite of the west wall (unit aww; 704 ka). Gray scree slopes above unit aww lavas are near-vent fall deposit of hornblende basaltic andesite of Hillman Peak (unit bhp) on either side of crags composed of lithified breccia (bhp) and intrusive rock (unit bhi; 736 ka). Andesite of Hillman Peak (unit ah; 618 ka) forms the summit of its namesake. The Watchman is a glaciated horn sculpted from a thick dacite lava flow (unit dwf; 503 ka) whose feeder dike forms sail-like outcrops on the caldera wall. Slope above unit aww lava at caldera rim on extreme right is supported by dacite of Munson Valley pyroclastic flow (unit dvb; ~35 ka).
Photograph by Charles R. Bacon.