Applegate Peak
13. View southwest of Applegate Peak and 280-m-high cliff below Sun Notch from phantom cone (Panorama K). Hydrothermally altered flow-top breccia weathers tan; whereas, dense lava flow interiors are dark, giving cliffs a horizontally striped appearance. Lava outcrop at lake level is andesite of phantom cone (unit apn; 40312 ka nearby). Lava flows above phantom cone and below prominent buff-colored sedimentary layer near top of cliff are dacite of Chaski Bay (unit db; ~350-380 ka). Highest lava flows are andesite of Kerr Notch (unit ak; ~300-340 ka). Slope below rim at Sun Notch is proximal lithic-rich climactic ignimbrite (unit cb) overlying a few meters of climactic and Llao Rock pumice-fall deposits (units cp and rhp; not visible). Andesite of Applegate Peak (unit aa; ca. 210-270 ka) lava flows and breccia form their namesake and high cliffs at right. Two steep gullies in shadows below Applegate Peak follow traces of caldera-wall-parallel normal faults. Talus forming slope in lower foreground was shed from Dutton Cliff.
Photograph by Charles R. Bacon.