Pumice Castle
22. View looking northeast of Pumice Castle, the orange outcrop in the center of the photo, from overlook on Rim Drive (Panorama I). Light-colored, bedded pumice at right is the same unit that forms Pumice Castle, Plinian fall deposit (unit dcp). Darker layers are incipiently to densely welded, more intensely to the left closer to vent. Cliff above pumice is lava unit of dacite of Pumice Castle (unit dc; 715 ka, weighted mean), which compressed and fused underlying pumice, and is overlain by climactic pumice fall (unit cp), proximal ignimbrite (unit cb), and a wind-reworked, pumice-rich deposit (restricted to caldera rim; included in unit cu). Skyline cliff at left is the Redcloud Cliff flow (unit re).
Photograph by Charles R. Bacon.