Dutton Cliff
23. View southwest of nearly 600 m of relief and approximately 200,000 years of history in caldera wall between Kerr Notch (left) and Dutton Cliff (right; Panorama J). At right, light and dark bands dipping to left are flow-top and pyroclastic breccias and dense lava flow interiors, respectively, of phantom cone (Williams, 1942; unit apn; 34620 and 40312 ka). Hydrothermal alteration and oxidization of pyrite results in yellowish-tan breccias. The highest band is dacite of phantom cone (unit dpn). Overlying units are dacite of Chaski Bay (db) and andesite of Kerr Notch (ak), both hydrothermally altered to some degree at this location, and andesite of Applegate Peak (aa).
Photograph by Charles R. Bacon.