Sun Creek
5. Morning aerial view looking northwest up the valley of Sun Creek. Applegate Peak caps the prominent rock wall of the west side of Sun Notch at the caldera rim. Northwest caldera wall is visible on opposite side of Crater Lake through Sun Notch. Grayback Ridge in foreground is thick lava of pre-Mazama rhyodacite (unit rpb; ca. 410-460 ka). Forested valley wall on left consists of a thick unit rcs lava flow overlain by a unit rpb lava flow. Upper slopes of Mount Mazama are underlain by andesite of Applegate Peak (unit aa; ca. 210-270 ka), which onlaps unit rpb at Maklaks Pass between Grayback Ridge and Dutton Ridge in right center of middle distance. Flat floor of the broad glacial valley is underlain by at least 60 m of ignimbrite of the climactic eruption (unit cf), incised by Sun Creek.
Photograph by Charles R. Bacon.