Pumice Point
9. View of Pumice Point looking northwest (Panoramas F and G). Lowest cliff is upper unit of andesite below Llao Rock (unit alu; 1173 ka), which rests on glaciated surface of lower unit of andesite below Llao Rock (unit all, obscured by talus; 12220 ka here). Middle cliff is dacite of Steel Bay (unit dsb; 1165 ka). Highest cliff to right of pumice slope is andesite of Pumice Point (unit apu; 4720 ka) that fills small paleovalley cut in fall deposit of dacite of Pumice Castle (unit dcp; 715 ka, weighted mean) resting on glaciated surface of unit dsb. The higher, broader part of the pumice slope consists of 6 m of pumice fall from the nearby Llao Rock vent (unit rhp) lying on glaciated units dcp and apu, overlain by 31 m of climactic pumice fall and interbedded nonwelded ignimbrite (unit cp), then truncated by 1 m of Wineglass Welded Tuff (unit cw; barely visible at top of pumice) that grades upward into 2 m of proximal-facies, lithic-rich climactic ignimbrite (unit cb).
Photograph by Charles R. Bacon.