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KJh-1. View southwest from base of Cathedral Peak [RMne]. Early Cretaceous and Jurassic hornblendic rocks (KJh) including the Spanish Camp Gneiss of Hawkins (1964), and Ashnola gabbro of Daly (1912) were intruded by Early Cretaceous tonalite and gneissic tonalite of the Remmel batholith (Kor). Upper Cathedral Lake in middle ground is a glacial tarn, carved from granite of the early Late Cretaceous Cathedral batholith of Daly (1912) (Kog). At this locale the granite is faulted against the older rocks of the Remmel batholith. Qt, talus. Fault (heavy line) and contact (thin line) dashed where approximately located and dotted where concealed or hidden. View image without annotation
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