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A. Macroinvertebrate data, 2000

A1.2000.dup (excel 27KB)

A1.2000 (excel 29KB)

A2.2000 (excel 28KB)

A3.2000 (excel 26KB)

A4.2000 (excel 30KB)

A5.2000 (excel 24KB)

A6.2000 (excel 27KB)

A10.2000 (excel 26KB)

B1.2000 (excel 26KB)

B2.2000 (excel 27KB)

B3.2000 (excel 27KB)

B4.2000 (excel 28KB)

B5.2000 (excel 27KB)

B6.2000 (excel 27KB)


B. Macroinvertebrate data, 2002

A4.2002.dup (excel 67KB)

A4.2002 (excel 27KB)

A5.2002.artsub (excel 27KB)

A5.2002 (excel 25KB)

A10.2002 (excel 27KB)

B2.2002.artsub (excel 24KB)

B2.2002 (excel 26KB)

B3.2002.artsub (excel 25KB)

B3.2002 (excel 24KB)

B5.2002 (excel 26KB)

B6.2002 (excel 24KB)

E5.2002 (excel 27KB)

E7.2002 (excel 27KB)

M1.2002.dup (excel 25KB)

M1.2002 (excel 26KB)


C. Macroinvertebrate inventory

Master Inventory (excel 48KB)




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