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Guidelines for Evaluating Ground-Water Flow Models

U.S. Geological Survey
Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5038
by Thomas E. Reilly and Arlen W. Harbaugh

Table of Contents

Appropriateness of the computer model program
Different modeling approaches to address a problem
      A calibrated model
      A hypothetical model
      Sensitivity analysis
      Particle tracking
      Spatial and temporal approaches
Discretization and representation of the hydrogeologic framework
      Cell size
      Specifying properties of cells
      Time steps
Representation of boundary conditions
Representation of initial conditions in transient simulations
Accuracy of the matrix solution
Adequacy of calibration for intended use of model results
Model input data, output listing, and report consistency check
Model reporting and archiving
Appendix – Office of Ground Water Technical Memorandum No. 96.04 – Policy on documenting the use of ground-water simulation in project reports