Presesence and Distribution of Organic
Wastewater Compounds in Wastewater,
Surface, Ground, and Drinking Waters,
Minnesota, 2000–02

By Kathy E. Lee, Larry B. Barber, Edward T. Furlong, Jeffery D. Cahill, Dana W.
Kolpin, Michael T. Meyer, and Steven D. Zaugg

Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5138


URL4_Household-industrial-agricultural-use-compounds_quality-control-data. Concentrations (in micrograms per liter) of household, industrial, and agricultural-use compounds analyzed by USGS Methods 3 and 4 (see data documentation worksheet for details).

WWTP, wastewater treatment plant; Q, quality assurance; NS, not sampled; NA, not analyzed; --, not applicable; <, less than; E, estimated; FB, field blank; OFB, office equipment blank; FR, field replicate; Compounds are reported as estimated due to the following: (1) compounds had low recoveries, (2) high variable recoveries, (3) unstable instrument response, or (4) standards from a technical mixture. Bromoform concentrations possibly elevated due to probable reaction of free chlorine with bromide and dissolved organic carbon.

The data format is Microsoft Excel, the text files which can be imported into most spreadsheet programs.

Household-Industrial and Agricultural-use Data.xls

U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey
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