Presesence and Distribution of Organic
Wastewater Compounds in Wastewater,
Surface, Ground, and Drinking Waters,
Minnesota, 2000–02

By Kathy E. Lee, Larry B. Barber, Edward T. Furlong, Jeffery D. Cahill, Dana W.
Kolpin, Michael T. Meyer, and Steven D. Zaugg

Scientific Investigations Report 2004-5138


URL5_Sterols_hormones field-data. Concentrations (in micrograms per liter) of 20 hormones and sterols analyzed by USGS Method 5 (see data documentation worksheet for details). Sample extracts prepared for Methods 3 and 4 were used for Method 5. The analytical method column contains the original analytical method used to analyze the samples prior to extracts being used for analyses by Method 5.

NA, not analyzed; <, less than; HM, heavy matrix effect; WWIF, wastewater treatment plant influent; WWEF, wastewater treatment plant effluent; WWTP, wastewater treatment plant; LFLCH, landfill leachate; FLLAG, feedlot lagoon; SW, surface water; SDW, surface water downstream from wastewater treatment plant effluent discharge; GWDW, ground water used for municipal drinking water supply; GWUI, ground water underlying urban/residential/comercial/industrial land use that is sewered; GWUNSW, ground water underlying urban area that is unsewered; GWD, ground water underliing a waste dump; GWFLT, ground water underlying a feedlot; DWI, drinking water intakes; DWO, finished drinking water; NWQL, National Water-Quality Laboratory.

The data format is Microsoft Excel, the text files which can be imported into most spreadsheet programs.

Sterols Hormones Field Data.xls

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