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Scientific Investigations Report 2006–5101–D

Scientific Investigations Report 2006–5101–D

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Table 7. Most common algal taxa from the five major Divisions identified in Richest Targeted Habitat samples, Willamette River basin and surrounding area, Oregon and Washington.

[Number of streams: One Richest Targeted Habitat (RTH) algal sample was collected from each of 28 streams. Abbreviation: cm2, square centimeter]

Class Order Number of
Most common algal taxa
Scientific name Maximum abundance
(number of cells/cm2)
Number of streams
Diatoms (Bacillariophyta)
Bacillariophyceae Pennales 214 Achnanthidium minutissimum 7.3E×105 27
Rhoicosphenia abbreviata 7.3E×105 25
Cocconeis placentula var. euglypta 1.6E×105 25
Planothidium lanceolatum 2.2E×105 22
Navicula minima 3.1E×105 21
Gomphonema kobayasii 2.5E×105 21
Sellaphora seminulum 1.4E×105 21
Achnanthes subhudsonis var. kraeuselii 1.7E×106 17
Bacillariophyceae Centrales 14 Melosira varians 2.5E×105 16
Blue-green algae (Cyanophyta)
Myxophyceae Oscillatoriales 10 Homoeothrix janthina 1.2E×107 21
Myxophyceae Chroococcales 4 Aphanocapsa sp. 3.8E×106 1
Myxophyceae Nostocales 1 Calothrix fusca 4.9E×104 1
Euglenoid algae (Euglenophyta)
Euglenophyceae Euglenales 1 Trachelomonas volvocina 5.9E×103 2
Green algae (Chlorophyta)
Chlorophyceae Oedogoniales 1 Oedogonium sp. 5.7E×104 6
Chlorophyceae Cladophorales 1 Cladophora glomerata 5.0E×104 2
Chlorophyceae Chlorococcales 4 Scenedesmus ecornis 3.0E×104 2
Chlorophyceae Chaetophorales 1 Stigeoclonium lubricum 2.1E×105 1
Chlorophyceae Volvocales 1 Pandorina morum 3.3E×104 1
Chlorophyceae Zygnematales 1 Spirogyra sp. 1.0E×104 1
Red algae (Rhodophyta)
(Undetermined) (Undetermined) 1 Unknown Rhodophyte Florideophycidae (chantransia stage) 2.4E×106 25
Total number of taxa 254

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