Scientific Investigations Report 2006–5290

Scientific Investigations Report 2006–5290

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Table 2. Principal aquifers, primary lithology of the aquifers, well-sampling networks within each study unit, and the total number of wells sampled during water years 1993–2004.

[Study unit: ACAD, Acadian; ACFB, Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint; ALBE, Albemarle-Pamlico; CCYK, Central Columbia Plateau-Yakima; CONN, Connecticut; DELR, Delaware; GAFL, Georgia-Florida; HPGW, High Plains; KANA, Kanawha; LERI, Lake Erie; LSUS, Lower Susquehanna; MOBL, Mobile; NVBR, Nevada basin and range; OZRK, Ozark Plateaus; PODL, Potomac-DelMarva; PUGT, Puget Sound basin; REDN, Red River of the North; SANJ, San Joaquin; SANT, Santee; SPLT, South Platte; TENN, lower and upper Tennessee; TRIN, Trinity; UCOL, upper Colorado; USNK, Upper Snake River; WHMI, White-Miami; WMIC, Western Lake Michigan; YELL, Yellowstone. Study networks: MAS, major aquifer study; SUS, study unit survey (during Cycle I; equivalent to Cycle II MAS); SWQA, source-water quality assessment; LUS, land-use study; CR, cropland; AG, agriculture; UR, urban; RS, residential; RC, new residential/commercial; MI, mining; REF, reference; FPS, flow-path study. Lower case letters and numbers following study network indicate study unit or NAWQA network coding]

Principal aquifers Primary lithology Study unit Study networks Number of
wells sampled
Data collection years
(water year)
Columbia Plateau Volcanic (basalt sand and gravel interbeds) CCYK MAS-1b, SWQA 44 2002, 2003
Snake River Plain Volcanic (basalt sand and gravel interbeds) USNK MAS-1, MAS-2, LUSCR-1 82 1993, 1994, 1996
Floridan Limestone GAFL MAS-2, SWQA-1, SWQA-2 60 2002, 2003
ACFB1 SUS-11 19 2002, 2003
Piedmont and Blue Ridge Crystalline rocks (metamorphic, schist, granite) ACFB1 LUSUR-11 11 1994
KANA MAS-2 30 1997
PODL SWQA-1 15 2003
LSUS MAS-2 30 1994
Carbonate rocks (limestone, dolomite) LSUS LUSAG-1 30 1993
Basin and Range Sand, gravel, clay NVBR MAS-2, SWQA-1, LUSUR-2 41 2003
Limestone MAS-4 18
Volcanic (basalt sand and gravel interbeds) MAS-2 4
Central Valley Sand, gravel, silt SANJ MAS-1, MASCR-1a 30 2002
Alluvium SWQA-1 15 2003
Glacial Deposits Sand, gravel, clay CONN MAS-2, SWQA-1 45 2002, 2003
DELR MAS-3 16 2001
HPGW SWQA-1 15 2003
LERI LUSspecial-1 28 1997
PUGT LUSCR-1, LUSRS-1, FPSCR-1 27 1998
WHMI SWQA 15 2003
WMIC MAS-2 28 2003
REDN1 LUSAG1 12 2000
High Plains Sand, gravel HPGW MAS-4, MAS-5 57 2003, 2004
Coastal Lowlands Sand, semiconsolidated sand TRIN MAS-3, SWQA-1 45 2002, 2003
Mississippi Embayment- Texas Coastal Uplands Semiconsolidated sand ACAD MAS-3 21 2004
North Atlantic Coastal Plain Sand, clay, semiconsolidated sand PODL MAS-1, MAS-2, LUSspecial-1 50 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Limestone1 ALBE1 SUS-71 19 2002, 2003
Ordovician Limestone TENN (lower) MAS-2 30 2000, 2001
Valley and Ridge Shale, sandstone DELR MAS-2 30 2000
LSUS MAS-1 29 1993
Limestone, dolomite LSUS LUSAG-2, LUSAG-3, LUSUR-1 66 1994, 1995
TENN (upper) MAS-1 30 1999
Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Sedimentary KANA LUSMI-1, MAS-1 57 1997, 1998
Carbonate rocks (residuum, limestone, dolomite) TENN (lower) MAS-1, LUSAG-1 64 1999, 2000, 2001
Southeastern Coastal Plain Sand, clay MOBL LUSRC-1 30 2000
SANT MAS-1 28 1997
Stream and River Valley Alluvium UCOL MAS-1, MAS-2, LUSRC-1a, LUSRC-1b, LUS-1c, LUS-1d, LUS-1e 68 1997, 1998
YELL LUSother-1 28 2001
Denver Basin1 Shale, sandstone1 SPLT1 SWQA-11 112 2003
Ozark Plateaus1 Limestone1 OZRK1 LUSAG-2a1, REF-11 16 2002

1 Study unit, well-sampling network, and wells not included in final analyses of this report.

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