Scientific Investigations Report 2006–5305

Scientific Investigations Report 2006–5305

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Conversion Factors, Datums, and Abbreviations and Acronyms

Multiply By To obtain
acre 4,047 square meter
acre 0.4047 hectare
acre 0.4047 square hectometer
acre 0.004047 square kilometer
acre-foot (acre-ft) 1,233 cubic meter
acre-foot (acre-ft) 0.001233 cubic hectometer
acre-foot per day (acre-ft/d) 0.01427 cubic meter per second
acre-foot per year (acre-ft/yr) 1,233 cubic meter per year
acre-foot per year (acre-ft/yr) 0.001233 cubic hectometer per year
cubic foot per second (ft3/s) 0.02832 cubic meter per second
foot (ft) 0.3048 meter
foot per mile (ft/mi) 0.1894 meter per kilometer
foot per year (ft/yr) 0.3048 meter per year
gallon per day (gal/d) 0.003785 cubic meter per day
inch (in.) 2.54 centimeter
inch (in.) 25.4 millimeter
inch per year (in/yr) 25.4 millimeter per year
mile (mi) 1.609 kilometer
square foot (ft2) 929.0 square centimeter
square foot (ft2) 0.09290 square meter
section (640 acres or 1 square mile) 259.0 square hectometer
square mile (mi2) 259.0 hectare
square mile (mi2) 2.590 square kilometer

Temperature in degrees Celsius (°C) may be converted to degrees Fahrenheit (°F) as follows:


Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) may be converted to degrees Celsius (°C) as follows:



Vertical coordinate information is referenced to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88).

Horizontal coordinate information is referenced to the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83).

Altitude, as used in this report, refers to distance above the vertical datum.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviations or Acronyms Meaning
DCSID Douglas County Sewer Improvement District
ET evapotranspiration
GIS Geographic Information System
IVGID Incline Village General Improvement District
m.y. million years
mg/L milligrams per liter
MGSD Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District
PDSI Palmer Drought Severity Index
STPUD South Tahoe Public Utility District

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