Scientific Investigations Report 2007–5008

Scientific Investigations Report 2007–5008

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Table 2. Model parameters and values used in the Detroit Lake, Oregon, model.

[Abbreviations: m, meter; m2/g, square meter per gram; °C, degree Celsius; (W/m2)/s, watt per square meter per second; m2/s, square meter per second; m/d, meter per day]

Parameter Value Description
WSC 1.0 Wind sheltering coefficient, dimensionless
EXH2O 0.21 Light extinction coefficient for water, m-1
EXSS 0.14 Light extinction due to inorganic suspended solids, m2/g
BETA 0.40 Fraction of solar radiation absorbed at water surface, dimensionless
TSED 11.8 Sediment temperature, °C
CBHE 0.879 Coefficient of bottom heat exchange, (W/m2)/s
AZMAX 0.001 Maximum vertical eddy viscosity, m2/s
SSS1 21.0 Large suspended solids settling rate, m/d
SSS2 0.60 Small suspended solids settling rate, m/d

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