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Scientific Investigations Report 2007-5064

Subsequent to publication of U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2007-5064, the following errors were found in the report:

Version 1.0 (September 2007)
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Page 30: The fifth sentence in the last paragraph of the left column should be changed to the following (highlighted section):

The chemical compositions of waters in the lesser aquifers of the New Jersey Coastal Plain sampled in this study differ substantially between the unconfined and confined parts of the aquifers (table 6). The median specific conductance (SC) of 236 µS/cm (microsiemens per centimeter) for water samples from the unconfined parts of the aquifers did not differ significantly from the median value of 199 µS/cm for water samples from the confined parts of the aquifers on the basis of the population distribution among the samples (table 4), but the relative composition was substantially different. Radium concentrations and pH differ greatly for the confined and unconfined aquifers. Ground waters of the unconfined parts of the lesser aquifers are generally acidic, whereas waters of the confined parts of the lesser aquifers are generally alkaline or neutral. Because waters with pH greater than 5.0 generally do not contain elevated concentrations of radium (greater than 2.5 pCi/L), and those with pH less than 5.0 do, the distribution of pH is critical in terms of radium occurrence. The pH distribution was discussed previously for the unconfined parts of the lesser aquifers.

Page 35: The caption for figure 12 should be changed to the following:

Figure 12. Concentration ratios of (a) bicarbonate to chloride, and (b) sodium to chloride, concentrations of (c) calcium, and concentration ratios of (d) chloride to boron as a function of the distance from the outcrop of the base of the Vincentown and Wenonah-Mount Laurel aquifers and the Englishtown aquifer system, southwestern and south-central New Jersey, 1999–2001.

Page 36: The Y-axis labels for the two graphs in figure 13 should be be changed to:


A revised and updated PDF of this report (Version 1.1) has replaced the previous version and is available for download at The words "Version 1.1" have been added to the lower left corner of the first page (cover) of the PDF.

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