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Scientific Investigations Report 2007–5258

Scientific Investigations Report 2007–5258

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Table 1. Continuous record streamflow-gaging stations within a 25-mile buffer of Wood River Valley, south-central Idaho.

[Station numbers shown in bold type were evaluated for the study; –, not applicable]

Gaging station No. Gaging station name Latitude Longitude Period of record (water years)
13120000 North Fork Big Lost River at Wild Horse, near Chilly 43°55'58"N 114°06'50"W 1944–present
13120500 Big Lost River at Howell Ranch, near Chilly 43°59'54"N 114°01'16"W 1904–14, 1920-present
13135500 Big Wood River near Ketchum 43°47'11"N 114°25'27"W 1948–72
13136000 Big Wood River at Ketchum 43°41'19"N 114°22'24"W 1920–21
13136500 Warm Springs Creek at Guyer Hot Springs, near Ketchum 43°41'00"N 114°24'37"W 1941–58
13137000 Warm Springs Creek near Ketchum 43°40'58"N 114°24'24"W 1920–21
13137500 Trail Creek at Ketchum 43°40'40"N 114°21'40"W 1920–21
13138000 East Fork Big Wood River at Gimlet 43°36'12"N 114°20'21"W 1920–21
13138500 Big Wood River at Gimlet 43°35'51"N 114°20'49"W 1920–21
13139000 Big Wood Slough at Hailey 43°31'05"N 114°19'12"W 1915–74
13139500 Big Wood River at Hailey 43°31'02"N 114°19'18"W 1889, 1915-present
131395101 Combination Big Wood River/Slough at Hailey 43°31'05"N 114°19'10"W
13140500 Big Wood River at Glendale Bridge, near Bellevue 43°25'35"N 114°15'39"W 1920–21
13140800 Big Wood River at Stanton Crossing, near Bellevue 43°19'45"N 114°19'09"W 1996–present
13141000 Big Wood River near Bellevue 43°19'41"N 114°20'30"W 1911–96
13141300 Mormon Reservoir near Fairfield 43°16'50"N 114°48'02"W 1985–87
13141500 Camas Creek near Blaine 43°19'58”N 114°32'31"W 1912–21, 1923–25, 1926–present
13142000 Magic Reservoir near Richfield 43°15'19"N 114°21'29"W 1909–present
13142500 Big Wood River below Magic Dam, near Richfield 43°14'53"N 114°21'20"W 1911–present
13143000 Lincoln Canal near Richfield 43°10'27.56"N 114°19'07.5"W 1925–48
13143500 Lincoln Canal near Shoshone 43°04'49.15"N 114°18'33.32"W 1925–48
13144000 Big Wood River above North Gooding Canal near Shoshone 43°05'27.54"N 114°17'46.19"W 1921–25, 1927, 1932–33, 1938
13144500 Big Wood River below North Gooding Canal near Shosone 43°04'12.25"N 114°18'28.04"W 1921–28, 1930, 1932–33, 1938
13145000 Big Wood River near Shoshone 42°59'36.58"N 114°27'16.61"W 1908–13
13145500 Big Wood River above Thorn Creek near Gooding 43°00'39"N 114°36'31.75"W 1926–27
13146000 Thorn Creek spillway near Gooding 43°01'27.17"N 114°36'34.16"W 1928–48
13147900 Little Wood River at High Five Creek, near Carey 43°29'30"N 114°03'30"W 1958–74, 1979–present
13148000 Little Wood River at Campbell Ranch, near Carey 43°27'40"N 114°02'50"W 1920–26, 1937–38, 1941–43, 1944–58
13148200 Little Wood River Reservoir, near Carey 43°25'31"N 114°01'38"W 1955–present
13148500 Little Wood River near Carey 43°23'24"N 113°59'59"W 1904–05, 1926–42, 1943–present
13149000 Fish Creek at Fish Creek Dam, near Carey 43°26'12"N 113°48'29"W 1920–39
13149500 West Fork Fish Creek near Carey 43°26'44"N 113°49'54"W 1920–29
13149700 Fish Creek Reservoir near Carey 43°25'21"N 113°49'36"W 1985–87
13150000 Fish Creek near Carey 43°25'12"N 113°49'45"W 1919–20, 1923–39
13151000 Little Wood River near Richfield 43°02'51.21"N 114°07'55.2"W 1911–73
13150430 Silver Creek at Sportsman Access, near Picabo 43°19'20"N 114°06'24"W 1974–present
13150500 Silver Creek at Highway 20, near Picabo 43°17'01"N 114°01'04"W 1920–62
13292280 Salmon River at Pole Creek Road, above diversions, near Obsidian 43°54'08"N 114°47'25"W 2003–present
13292380 Pole Creek below Pole Creek Ranger Station, near Obsidian 43°54'36"N 114°45'23"W 2003–present
13292500 Salmon River above Lost Creek, near Obsidian 43°57'57"N 114°48'01"W 1941–53
13293000 Alturas Lake Creek near Obsidian 43°56'55"N 114°50'00"W 1941–52
13293350 Fourth of July Creek above diversions, near Obsidian 44°02'26"N 114°45'21"W 2003–04
13297450 Little Boulder Creek near Clayton 44°05'57"N 114°26'50"W 1970–86
13297500 Big Boulder Creek near Clayton 44°06'55"N 114°26'29"W 1926–30, 2005
13297597 Herd Creek below Trail Gulch, near Clayton 44°08'50"N 114°17'28"W 1980–85

1This station was renamed Big Wood River at Hailey (13139500).

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