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Scientific Investigations Report 2008–5027

Scientific Investigations Report 2008–5027

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Table 10. Potential uses for pesticides detected in the lower Clackamas River basin, Oregon, 2000–2005.

[Type: H, herbicide; I, insecticide; F, fungicide; N, nematocide; M, molluscicide; ID, insecticide degradate. Agriculture: uses estimated from average pesticide application rates for crops in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon State University, 2001a; 2001b), from estimated crop acreage during 1999–2000 for Clackamas County (Oregon Department of Agriculture, 1997), and from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (2004). Urban: Anderson and others (1996); Kratzer (1998); Panshin and others (1998); U.S. Geological Survey (1999). Golf courses: pesticides used on and detected in ground water beneath golf courses, Jack Barbash, U.S. Geological Survey,, accessed July 9, 2002. Right-of-ways: Will Lackey, Oregon Department of Transportation, written commun., 2006; Ronald Buck, Clackamas County Department of Public Works, written commun., 2002. State and private forestland: Cramer (1974); Glyphosate is the only herbicide approved for use on Federal land within the Mt. Hood National Forest in the Clackamas River Basin. Restrictions: Oregon State University (2001a; 2001b). p,p΄-DDE is one of several degradation products of p,p’-DDT, an organochlorine insecticide that is restricted in all states. Norflurazon use information from the California pesticide use database,, accessed October 5, 2006. Symbols: **, pesticide exceeded a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) aquatic-life benchmark; *, pesticide exceeded a non-USEPA aquatic-life benchmark; #, pesticide not detected since 2000–2001 study]

Pesticide or degradate Type Commercial product/ common or trade name Chemical class Potential use or application area Restrictions
Agri- culture Nursery and floriculture crops Urban Golf courses Right-of-ways State and private forestland Potential agricultural (or other) uses
Current use pesticides
Number of current use pesticides 48 47 29 25 23 7
    Percentage of current use pesticides 94 92 57 49 45 14    
2,4-D* H Aqua-Kleen, Lawn-Keep, Weed-B-Gone, DMA 4, Fernesa Chlorophenoxy acid X X X X X X Pastureland, hay, grass seed, hazelnuts, wheat
2,4-DP H Dichlorprop, Seritox 50, Kildip, Lentemul, Tordon 101 Chlorophenoxy acid X X X (Along right-of-ways) All states
2,4-D methyl ester H Pestanal, Methyl (2,4-dichlorophenoxy) acetate Chlorophenoxy acid No uses were found for this herbicide
Atrazine H AAtrex, Atrex, Atred, Gesaprim, Conifer 90 Triazine X X X X X Christmas trees, sweet corn All states
Azinphos-methyl** I Carfene, Guthion, Gusathion M Organothio- phosphate X X Fruit, vegetable, nut, and field crops; ornamentals All states
Benomyl F Benlate, Agrocit, Benex, Benosan, Fundazol Carbamate X X Field crops, fruits, nuts, ornamemtals, mushrooms, and turf
Bentazon H Basagran, Bentazone, Bendioxide N heterocycle X X X Beans, rice, corn, peanuts, mint
Bromacil H Hyvar X, Urox B, Bromax Uracil X X X X (Landscaping, structural pest control) Washington
Carbaryl* I Carbamine, Denapon, Sevin, Savit Carbamate X X X X Pastureland, hay, cane berries, wheat, sweet corn
Chlorothalonil* F Bravo, Daconil 2787, Echo, Exotherm Organochlorine X X X
Chlorpyrifos** I/N Brodan, Dursban, Lorsban, Chlorpyrifos-ethyl Organothio- phosphate X X X X Hazelnuts, sweet corn, Christmas trees, strawberries Most uses
Cycloate H Ro-Neet, Marathon Thiocarbamate X X X Spinach, leaf lettuce, beets, squash
Dacthal (DCPA) H Chlorthal-dimethyl Chlorobenzoic acid ester X X X X Cucumbers and pickles, strawberries, squash, snap beans Washington
DEET I Insect repellents (OFF!, Cutter Outdoorsman, Skeeter skat) N-diethyl toluamide X (Insect repellent)
Diazinon** I Basudin, Diazatol, Neocidol, Knox Out Organothio- phosphate X X X X Grass seed, cane berries, fescue seed, nurseries, squash Most uses
Dichlobenil # H Barrier, Casoron, Dyclomec, Norosac Organochlorine X X X X X Hazelnuts, cane berries, cauliflower, blueberries
Dichlorvos I/F DDVP, Apavap, Devikol, Didivane, Duravos, Fly-Die Organo- phosphate X X X Vegetables, fruits, and greenhouse crops
Dimethenamid H Outlook, Frontier, Guardsman, Optill, Pursuit Amide X Dry bulb onions and non-bearing grape vines
Diuron* H Crisuron, Karmex, Direx, Diurex Urea X X X X Grass seed, hay, hazelnuts, fescue seed, cane berries Washington
Endosulfan I/II* I alpha/beta Endosulfan, Endocel, Endocide, Endosol Organochlorine X X Numerous fruits (blueberries), nuts, and vegetable crops (broccoli, cabbage, celery)
Ethoprop I/N Ethoprophos, Mocap Organothio- phosphate X X X X Sweet corn, snap beans Most uses
Fenuron H Beet-Klean, Dybar, Fenidim, Fenulon, Urab Urea No uses were found for this herbicide
Fonofos # I Dyfonate, Capfos, Cudgel, Tycap Organothio- phosphate X X X X Sweet corn, snap beans, broccoli, strawberries Most uses
Glyphosate H Roundup, Rodeo, Accord, Honcho, Kill Zall, Roundup Biactive Amino acid derivative, organo- phosphate X X X X X X Numerous crops, fruits, and vegetables
Hexazinone H DPX 3674, Pronone, Velpar Triazine X X X X X Christmas trees, alfalfa, forage grasses
Imazaquin # H Image 1.5LC, Scepter 1.5L Imidazolinone X X X Cottonwood trees grown for pulp, ornamentals, and grass turf
Imidacloprid I Admire, Gaucho, Merit N heterocycle X X (Used for the control of sucking insects in a variety of crops)
Iprodione F Chipco, Kidan, Rovral, Verisan Dicarboximide X X X (Used to control a wide variety of crop diseases on vegetables and ornamentals)
Linuron # H Lorox, Linex, Sarclex, Linurex, Afalon Urea X X Garden crops such as corn, potatoes, fruit trees, wheat, oats, and barley
Malathion* I Cythion, Fyfanon Organothio- phosphate X X X X X Pastureland, hay, cane berries, hazelnuts, wheat
MCPA H Rhomene, Rhonox, Chiptox Chlorophenoxy acid X X X (Used on landscaping)
Metalaxyl F Apron, Delta-Coat AD, Ridomil, Subdue Amino acid derivative X X Used on food crops, including tobacco, ornamentals, conifers, and grass turf
Methiocarb I/M Draza, Grandslam, Mesurol, Slug-Geta Carbamate X X Used on a wide variety of nursery and greenhouse crops
Metolachlor H Dual, Pennant Acetanilide X X X X X Grass seed, sweet corn, snap beans, green peas Washington
Metsulfuron-methyl H Escort, Gropper, Ally Sulfonylurea X X X X (Used along roadsides and right-of-ways)
Myclobutanil F Eagle, NOVA, Laredo EC, Fungicide m, Rally, Systhane Triazole X X X Strawberries, tomatoes, landscaping
Napropamide H Devrinol, Naproquard Amide X X X X Hazelnuts, cane berries, strawberries, rhubarb
Norflurazon H Evital, Predict, Solicam, Telok, Zorial Amine X X X Alfalfa, blueberries
Oryzalin H Dirimal, Ryzelan, Surflan Dinitroaniline X X X X X Crabgrass, (landscaping)
Oxyfluorfen H Goal, Koltar, RH-2915 Diphenyl ether X X X X Wide variety of fruit, vegetable, and nut crops, landscaping
Pendimethalin H Pre-M, Prowl, Weedgrass Control, Stomp, Herbadox Dinitroaniline X X X X X Christmas trees, grass seed, snap beans, grapes
Prometon H Pramitol, Princep, Gesagram 50, Ontracic 80 Triazine X X X X Wine grapes, (landscaping) All states
Pronamide H Propyzamid, Kerb Amide X X X X Christmas trees, cane berries, grass seed, alfalfa All states
Propiconazole F Tilt, Orbit, Banner, Proconazole, Wocosin Triazole X X X X X Celery, plumbs, (turf and landscaping, wood treatment)
Propoxur I Baygon, Blattanex, Unden, Proprotox Carbamate X X X X (Structural pest control, public health pest control)
Simazine H Princep, Caliber 90, Gesatop, Simazat Triazine X X X X X Christmas trees, hazelnuts, cane berries, blueberries
Sulfometuron-methyl H Oust, Landmark MP, DPX-T5648 Sulfonylurea X X X (Along right-of-ways)
Tebuthiuron H Spike, Perflan, Tebusan Urea X X X X Pastureland
Terbacil # H Sinbar, Geonter Uracil X X Grass seed, cane berries, alfalfa, apples, peaches
Triclopyr H Crossbow, Garlon, Grandstand, Grazon, Redeem, Remedy Organochlorine, N heterocycle X X X X X X Pastureland, hay, Christmas trees, clearing heavy brush
Trifluralin H Treflan, Elancolan, Gowan, Tri-4, Trific, Trilin Dinitroaniline X X X X X Wheat, alfalfa, cucumbers and pickles, cauliflower
Banned by the USEPA
p,p΄-DDE** # ID p,p΄-DDT degradate Organochlorine All uses cancelled in the U.S. Banned in all states
Dieldrin* I Panoram D-31, Octalox, Compound 497, Aldrin epoxide Organochlorine All uses cancelled in the U.S. Banned in all states
Dinoseb H/I DNPB, Dinosebe Nitrophenol All uses cancelled in the U.S. Banned in all states

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