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Scientific Investigations Report 2008–5027

Scientific Investigations Report 2008–5027

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Table 7. Pesticide Toxicity Index values for benthic invertebrates and fish for stormwater samples collected in the lower Clackamas River basin, May and September 2005.

Sample Date Pesticide Toxicity Index
Carli Creek near mouth 05-09-05 4.06E-04 1.31E-05
09-30-05 1.42E-02 5.75E-04
Cow Creek at mouth 05-09-05 1.26E-03 1.17E-04
09-30-05 1.65E-03 1.04E-03
Clackamas River (source water) 05-09-05 6.20E-05 1.15E-05
09-30-05 6.30E-04 2.16E-04
Deep Creek at Barton 09-30-05 1.16E-05 9.36E-04
Doane Creek downstream of Highway 212 09-30-05 1.96E-01 1.01E-02
Dolan Creek at Orient Road 09-30-05 8.54E-07 1.51E-04
North Fork Deep Creek tributary at Church Road 09-30-05 7.68E-03 1.37E-04
North Fork Deep Creek tributary at 312th Avenue 09-30-05 1.04E-02 5.15E-03
North Fork Deep Creek at Boring 05-09-05 5.79E-02 3.09E-03
North Fork Deep Creek at Barton 09-30-05 3.24E-02 6.05E-04
North Fork Deep Creek near Boring 09-30-05 2.97E-01 5.51E-03
Noyer Creek at mouth 05-09-05 5.27E-02 6.90E-03
09-30-05 8.06E-05 3.16E-04
Noyer Creek downstream of Highway 212 05-09-05 7.50E-02 2.73E-03
09-30-05 2.48E-01 6.53E-03
Richardson Creek at Highway 224 09-30-05 1.33E-04 5.48E-04
Rock Creek at 172nd Avenue 05-09-05 1.25E-03 1.87E-04
Rock Creek at Stoneybrook Court 09-30-05 1.62E-06 2.03E-06
09-30-05 1.14E-02 1.06E-03
Rock Creek downstream of Foster Road 09-30-05 1.57E-04 6.79E-04
Rock Creek near mouth 09-30-05 5.01E-03 1.10E-03
Sieben Creek at Highway 224 05-09-05 6.66E-03 1.68E-04
09-30-05 4.99E-03 8.26E-04
Sieben Creek downstream of Sunnyside Road 09-30-05 1.87E-03 7.48E-04
Tickle Creek at 362nd Avenue 09-30-05 1.39E-04 2.61E-05
Tickle Creek near Boring 09-30-05 3.89E-02 3.22E-01
Tickle Creek tributary at Colorado Road 09-30-05 6.02E-04 1.17E-04
Tickle Creek tributary at Orient Road 09-30-05 2.40E-05 8.56E-06
Trillium Creek at Anderegg Parkway 05-09-05 9.91E-03 3.64E-04
09-30-05 2.79E-05 2.94E-05

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