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U.S. Geological Survey Special Map

Graphic that states: Magnetic Anomaly Map of North America

By North American Magnetic Anomaly Group (NAMAG)

Viki Bankey2
Alejandro Cuevas3
David Daniels2
Carol A. Finn2
Israel Hernandez3
Patricia Hill2
Robert Kucks2
Warner Miles1
Mark Pilkington1
Carter Roberts2
Walter Roest1
Victoria Rystrom2
Sarah Shearer2
Stephen Snyder2
Ronald Sweeney2
Julio Velez3

Sponsored by
1Geological Survey of Canada
2United States Geological Survey
3Consejo de Recursos Minerales de México

Version 1.0

thumbnail image of the magnetic map

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The PDF file of this map shows the magnetic anomalies for North America and offshore areas. The accompanying colorful illustrated booklet describes the processing, compilation, and geologic mapping applications of the new digital magnetic anomaly database and map of North America.

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