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Kendall-Theil Robust Line CD-ROM:
This report is accompanied by a CD-ROM that has the executable code, program tutorials, example files, source code and other supporting materials. Files necessary for instalation and use of the software are provided here on the U.S. Geological Survey publications web. Instructions for obtaining the full CD-ROM are provided below.

Available Web Files (Note these files are for personal computers running a Microsoft Windows operating system):
 Right-click the following links, download selected files to your computer, and use the files locally. Zip files have a readme.txt file explaining the contents and installation process.

Kendall-Theil Robust Line (KTRLine--version 1.0) Software:
 Installation package for the KTRLine executable program with example files or the self-extracting version ktinstall.exe   (A 2.5 MB file)

Program Tutorials in Executable Captivate-Multimedia File Format (Medium Resolution Greater than 800X600 pixels):
 Introduction to the KTRLine method KTRLine Introduction  (A 5.5 MB file)
 Use of the   KTRLine Input Form  (A 3.5 MB file)
 Use of the  Interpretive Graphing and Model Specification Form (A 14 MB file)

National Water Information System Web Wizard (NWiz--version 1.0) Software:
 (a program for downloading NWIS Web files and exporting paired data in KTRLine format)
 Installation package for the NWiz executable program with example files or the self-extracting version nwizinstall.exe   (A 3.2 MB file)

Source Code:
 The full CD-ROM for this report including source code for the program may be obtained by contacting the author:
 Gregory E. Granato
 or by contacting:
 Information Officer
 U.S. Geological Survey
 Massachusetts-Rhode Island Water Science Center
 10 Bearfoot Road
 Northborough, MA 01532
 Tel: 508-490-5058; Fax 508-490-5068
 Information about the Stochastic Empirical Loading and Dilution Model (SELDM) and related cooperative efforts between the U.S. Geoloical survey and the U.S.
 Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration Natural and Human Environment is available at

Granato, G.E., 2006, Kendall-Theil Robust Line (KTRLine--version 1.0)--A visual basic program for calculating and graphing robust nonparametric estimates of linear-regression coefficients between two continuous variables: Techniques and Methods of the U.S. Geological Survey, book 4, chap. A7, 31 p.