Techniques and Methods 6-A19

Techniques and Methods 6-A19

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Table 6. Hydraulic properties and other selected variables used in the Layer-Property Flow (LPF) and Unsaturated-Zone Flow (UZF1) Packages for test simulation 2.

[English units used for test simulation 2 are consistent with units of example problem as described by Prudic and others (2004) and were not changed to conform to the Standard International units used elsewhere in this document. Abbreviations: ft/s, foot per second; ft, foot; ft3, cubic foot]

Variable Value
Variables assigned to the Layer-Property Flow (LPF) Package
Horizontal hydraulic conductivity (ft/s) 4 ×10-4 to 2 ×10-3
Vertical hydraulic conductivity (ft/s) 1 ×10-6
Specific storage (per ft) 1.0 ×10-6
Specific yield (ft3 of water drained per ft3 of aquifer) 0.1 to 0.2
Variables assigned to the Unsaturated-Zone Flow (UZF1) Package
Saturated water content of unsaturated zone (ft3 of water per ft3 of bulk volume) 0.3
Brooks-Corey exponent (unitless) 3.5
Vertical hydraulic conductivity of the unsaturated zone (ft/s) 1 ×10-6
Steady-state infiltration rate (ft/s) 1 ×10-9 to 8 ×10-9
Evapotranspiration rate (ft/s) 5 ×10-8
Evapotranspiration extinction depth (ft) 15
Evapotranspiration extinction water content (ft3 of water per ft3 of bulk volume) 0.100 to 0.205

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