Statistical Methods in Water Resources

U.S. Geological Survey, Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations Book 4, Chapter A3

by D.R. Helsel and R.M. Hirsch

Table of Contents

Cover, table of contents, preface (140KB)

Chapter 1. Summarizing Data (260KB)

Chapter 2. Graphical Data Analysis (2MB)

Chapter 3. Describing Uncertainty (354KB)

Chapter 4. Hypothesis Tests (290KB)

Chapter 5. Differences between Two Independent Groups (246KB)

Chapter 6. Matched-Pair Tests (229KB)

Chapter 7. Comparing Several Independent Groups (622KB)

Chapter 8. Correlation (181KB)

Chapter 9. Simple Linear Regression (533KB)

Chapter 10. Alternative Methods for Regression (556KB)

Chapter 11. Multiple Linear Regression (431KB)

Chapter 12. Trend Analysis (691KB)

Chapter 13. Methods for Data Below the Reporting Limit (314KB)

Chapter 14. Discrete Relationships (464 KB)

Chapter 15. Regression for Discrete Responses (214KB)

Chapter 16. Presentation Graphics (16a, 1.1MB; 16b, 2.9MB)

References Cited (776KB)

Appendix A. Construction of Boxplots (776KB)

Appendix B. Tables (776KB)

Appendix C. Data Sets (776KB)

Appendix D. Answers to Selected Exercises (776KB)

Index (776KB)


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Download Excel Data File of Appendix C. Data Sets (XLS, 94 KB)

Download TXT Data File of Appendix C. Data Sets (DAT, 54 KB)


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