A Coupled Surface-Water and Ground-Water Flow Model (MODBRANCH) For Simulation Of Stream-Aquifer Interaction

U.S. Geological Survey, Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations, Book 6, Chapter A6

by Eric D. Swain and Eliezer J. Wexler

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The series of manuals on techniques describes procedures for planning and executing specialized work in water-resources investigations. The material is grouped under major subject headings called "Books" and further subdivided into sections and chapters. Section A of Book 6 is on ground-water models.

This chapter documents the theory and application of a new coupled ground-water and surface-water model that was developed by combining the USGS models MODFLOW and BRANCH. The interfacing code is referred to as MODBRANCH. Although BRANCH is modified to act as a subroutine or module of MODFLOW, the input data sets for both models are very similar to their original form. Only model changes implemented for the coupling are documented in this chapter. For specifics on each model, users are advised to refer to the Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations chapters on MODFLOW and BRANCH.

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