USGS: Science for a Changing World

U.S. Bureau of Mines
Information Circular 9298

With Factors for Conversion of Units to the International System of Units (SI)
Abbreviation Unit of measure To convert to- Multiply by -
BCY bank cubic yard cubic meter 0.7646
d/wk day per week NAp
d/yr day per year NAp
$/st dollar per short ton dollar per metric ton 1.1023
ft foot meter 0.3048
ft2 square foot square meter 0.0929
gal gallon liter 3.7853
gal/min gallon per minute liter per minute 3.7853
hp horsepower kilowatt 0.7457
in inch millimeter 25.4
lb pound kilogram 0.4536
LCY loose cubic yard cubic meter 0,7646
mi mile kilometer 1.6093
% percent NAp
oz/st ounce per short ton gram per metric ton 34.286
st short ton metric ton 0.9072
st/d short ton per day metric ton per day 0.9072
tr oz troy ounce gram 31.103
wk week NAp
cu yd cubic yard cubic meter 0.7646
NAp Not applicable.

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