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Coal Resource Recoverability
A Methodology

By Timothy J. Rohrbacher, Dale D. Teeters, Gerald L. Sullivan, and Lee M. Osmonson

U.S. Bureau of Mines Circular 9368

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  1. Study area location
  2. Matewan quadrangle coal stratigraphy
  3. Linear regression analysis
  4. Typical feasibility-type mine plan
  5. Matewan quadrangle haulage zones
  6. Resource distribution within a Matewan quadrangle coal seam
  7. Contour strip-minable coal for the seam in figure 6
  8. Land use restrictions in the Matewan quadrangle
  9. Contour strip-minable coal 12 in to 36 in thick
  10. Contour strip-minable coal greater than 36 in thick
  11. Contour strip-minable coal and transportation zones
  12. Deep mining (continuous miner) areas in a Matewan quadrangle coal seam
  13. Deep mining (continuous miner) areas and transportation zones
  14. Longwall mining areas in a Matewan quadrangle coal seam
  15. Longwall mining areas and transportation zones
  16. All mining types in a Matewan quadrangle coal seam
  17. USGS/USBM coal resource programs-Matewan quadrangle results chart


  1. Comparisons between USBM and USGS-KGS coal availability (minability) restrictions
  2. Coal seam resources, restrictions, and process losses
  3. Mining restrictions-land use, technical, and barrier-restricted coal
  4. Factors influencing mine productivity
  5. Surface production rates by mining method
  6. Deep mine production rates by mining method
  7. Haulage distance one way and assigned cost by zone
  8. Contour strip-recoverable resources and cost ranges
  9. Continuous miner-recoverable resources and cost ranges
  10. Longwall-recoverable resources and cost ranges
  11. Auger-recoverable resources and cost ranges
  12. Recoverable resources-one seam summary
  13. Equipment-contour strip (two loader spreads)
  14. Equipment-continuous miner (two production units)
  15. Equipment-longwall
  16. Equipment-auger (twin head)
  17. Standard costing model (example)
  18. Economically recoverable compliance resources


BCY bank cubic yard lb pound
Btu British thermal unit M million
cfs cubic foot per second MBtu million British thermal unit
ft foot
% percent
in inch
lb pound
M million
MBtu million Briish hthermal unit


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