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Alaska Annual Data Report 2004

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This volume of the annual hydrologic data report of Alaska is one of a series of annual reports that document hydrologic data gathered from the U.S. Geological Survey's surface- and ground-water data-collection networks in each state, Puerto Rico, and the Trust Territories. These records of streamflow, ground-water levels, and water quality provide the hydrologic information needed by state, local, and Federal agencies, and the private sector for developing and managing our Nation's land and water resources.

The report is the culmination of a concerted effort by dedicated personnel of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) who collected, compiled, analyzed, verified, and organized the data, and who revised, edited, typed, illustrated, and assembled the report. The authors had primary responsibility for assuring that the information contained herein is accurate, complete, and adheres to Geological Survey policy and established guidelines. Most of the data were collected, computed, and processed from field offices. Chiefs-in-charge of the field offices are:

Dan Hess, Juneau

Matt Schellekens, Fairbanks

Ronald L. Rickman, Anchorage

The data were collected, computed, and processed by the following personnel:

D.P. Bartu

J.M. Goetz

R.S. March

C.M. Severtson

H.R. Best

L.L. Harris

J.A. McIntire

C.W. Smith

J.A. Bjorholm**

S.G. Herman**

D.F. Meyer

R.L. Snyder**

B.B. Bigelow

R.H. Host

E.H. Moran

G.L. Solin

T.P. Brabets

G.R. Jackson

R.P. Murray

F.W. Sondrud

C.P. Breen

M.L. Jackson

E.G. Neal

P.M. Strelakos

B.A. Carr**

M.C. Kane

O.O. Orwick

N.D. Stucki**

M.R. Carr

R.T. Kemnitz**

R.T. Ourso

W.C. Swanner**

M.E. Castor

B.W. Kennedy

E.M Parvin**

W.A. Swenson

C.H. Coffeen

E.L. Kletka

L.D. Patrick

A.H. Thomas

J.S. Conaway

A.E. Knust

K.A. Peck**

D.S. Thomas

C.S. Couvillion

R.E. Kyle

F.S. Peters

D.C. Trabant

D.G. Dowling

D.E. Langley

L.J. Pickrell

N.C. Wardwell

J.S. Drewel

D. LaValley

A.L. Riutta

M.S. Whitman**

J.D. Eash

D.A. Long

T.C. Schwarz

J.M. Wiles

Z.A. Frederick

J.G. Luna

** Volunteer

This report was prepared in cooperation with the State of Alaska and with other agencies under the general supervision of Steven A. Frenzel, Chief, Water Resources Office, and William Sexton, Regional Hydrologist, Western Region.

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