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Water Resources Data, Arkansas, 2004

Water-Data Report AR-04-1—ONLINE ONLY

By T.H. Brossett, T.P. Schrader, and D.A. Evans

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Arkansas State Boundary Map


      The U.S. Geological Survey Arkansas Water Science Center, in cooperation with State, Federal, and other local governmental agencies, obtains a large amount of data pertaining to the water resources of Arkansas each year. These data, accumulated during many water years, constitute a valuable database for developing an improved understanding of the water resources of the State.

      Water resources data reported for the 2004 water year for Arkansas consist of records of discharge and water quality (physical measurements and chemical concentrations) of streams, water quality of lakes, and ground-water levels and ground-water quality. Data from selected sites in Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma also are included. This report contains daily discharge records for 104 surface-water gaging stations, 82 peak-discharge partial-record stations, 8 stage-only stations, water-quality data for 79 surface-water stations and 16 wells, and water levels for 47 observation wells. Additional water data were collected at various sites, not part of the systematic data-collection program, and are published as miscellaneous measurements.


  1. Graphs showing comparison of discharge at four representative long-term gaging stations for the 2004 water year with the median of the monthly and annual mean discharges for a 40-year base period
  2. Map showing locations of continuous-record gaging stations in Arkansas
  3. Map showing locations of water-quality stations in Arkansas
  4. Map showing locations of ground-water quality sampling sites and observation wells in Arkansas

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